Shah Jahan

Shah Jahan 1627-1658

When Jahangir died, Khurram was away in Deccan. So Nurjahan supported and try to make Shaharyar the King. But Asaf, miffed by his sister’s action, sent a speedy message to Khurram and set up Khurram’s son Dawar Baksh as ad hoc regent. He attacked Shaharyar and took him as prisoner. Khurram while hastening from Deccan had already sent orders to eliminate Shaharyar. The orders were immediately carried out. Thus Khurram ascended the Mughal Throne with the name Shah Jahan (the King of the world).

Shahjahan, the Son of a great Mughal and a Rajput Princess, who was daughter of Rana of Marwar (Jodhpur) had more Indian Blood in his veins that his forefathers. This haughty, introvert man was wrapped in political connives and was indifferent to the race of his mother. He became the most “celebrated” among the Mughal emperors but not popular among the Hindus. He was a perfect orthodox Muslim who was more intolerant than his father.

  • Even as a prince, he was a successful commander and it was largely due to his campaigns that Mughal Empire was spread in 3 Lakh square kilometers when he was deposed of throne by his son Aurangzeb.

When he became King, he had great counselors such as his father-in-law Asaf Khan, Mahabat Khan and Ali Mardan.

  • A French traveler (Jeweler) Tavernier visited during his reign and has described him as a King who has firm administration of Justice and Universal sense of security. He estimated the cost of the Peacock Throne of Shah Jahan around 6.5 million sterling.

Initial Revolts

The peaceful days of Akbar’s reign were over long ago. During Jahangir’s time, there were not many rebellions. But during Shah Jahan’s reign, there were two big revolts immediately after he sat on the throne.

  • The first revolt was in Bundelkhand in 1636 under Jujhar Singh. The revolt was suppressed and Jujhar Singh was eliminated.
  • Another was under the Lodi remnant Khan Jahan Lodi. This revolt had also been suppressed.
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