Seed Village Programme

Seed Village Programme aims at upgrading the quality of farm saved seeds. The government has covered about 64,000 villages under this component since inception in 2005-06 and up to 2008-09. An impetus has been provided to this programme in 2009-10. Hence, `214 crore has already been released in 2009-10 (up to January, 2010), which is more than twice the amount released in the earlier four years put together. The programme is expected to cover 70,000 villages in the current financial year.

Seed Bank:

The government of India has set up a Seeds Bank in 1999-2000. The core idea is to meet the contingency in seeds demand in the country. The Seeds Bank Scheme is being implemented through National Seeds Corporation, States Farms Corporation of India and 12 State Seeds Corporations in the country.

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