Satya Mahima Dharma

Mukund Das, known as Mahima Gosain, founded the Satya Mahima Dharma in the 1860s, assisted mainly by Govinda Baba and Bhima Bhoi. Mahima Gosain preached the existence of one deity-Alakh Param Brahma, an eternal being, who was formless and indescribable. No other deity existed, hence idol worship was in vain. Brahman priests and their rituals were declared to be signifying nothing. Members of the lower castes and some tribals were particularly attracted to this sect. Joranda, in Orissa, was the headquarters and a shrine for the Satya Mahima Dharmis. Under Bhima Bhoi, they criticised Vaishnavism and the worship of Lord Jagannath, which led to their open conflict with the orthodox Hindus.