Sarju Area Development Action Plan (SADAP)

Sarju Area Development Action Plan (SADAP) is the proposed rural livelihood development plan for holistic development of adivasi and tribal people across rebel-hit Sarju-Kone area in Latehar, 200km from Ranchi, under the Ministry of rural development, GOI. The plan is similar to Saranda Action plan but is for 2,500sq km the Jharkhand-Chhattisgarh border which offers safe havens for rebels across the neighbouring states. The SADAP encompasses four blocks, 12 Panchayats and 12,000 families in the region. The plan is to be completed in 2 years with a cost Rs. 4,500 crore. It will involve better rural electrification, promotion of educational facilities, strengthening of anganwadi centres, and the building of roads, houses, rural markets and community centres. An area of 15,000 sq. km. will be covered, compared to 900 sq. km. under the Saranda Action Plan