Hansa Mehta

On the historic occasion of the transfer of power, Hansa Mehta had the privilege of presenting the “National Flag” to the nation on behalf of the women of India. On the International scene, Hansa Mehta represented India on the Nuclear Sub-Commission on the Status of Women in the United Nations.

  • She represented India on the United Nations Human Rights Commission that drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • She was a member of the Executive Board of UNESCO and led Indian delegations to several international conferences. Hansa Mehta led the Indian delegation, had made important contributions in drafting of the Declaration, especially highlighting the need for reflecting gender equality.
  • Hansa Mehta was not only a social activist but also an educator, who served various institutions and translated books from English to Gujarati.
  • In the constituent assembly, she made a case for rights of the dalits. She emphasized on the wish of Mahatma Gandhi that State should not manufacture, sale or promote liquor. She felt and expressed that personal laws were dividing the country and that a uniform civil code was required. However, on the Uniform Civil Code, she said that it must be on a par with, or in advance of, the most progressive of the personal laws in the country. Otherwise, it will be a retrograde step and it will not be acceptable to all.

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