Rio Declaration

Rio Declaration on Environment and Development consisted of 27 principles intended to guide future sustainable development around the world.

  • The role of humans.
  • State sovereignty
  • The Right to development
  • Environmental Protection in the Development Process
  • Eradication of Poverty
  • Priority for the Least Developed
  • State Cooperation to Protect Ecosystem
  • Reduction of Unsustainable Patterns of Production and Consumption
  • Capacity Building for Sustainable Development
  • Public participation
  • National Environmental Legislation
  • Supportive and Open International Economic System
  • Compensation for Victims of Pollution and other Environmental Damage
  • State Cooperation to Prevent environmental dumping
  • Precautionary principle
  • Internalization of Environmental Costs
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Notification of Natural Disaster
  • Prior and Timely Notification
  • Women have a Vital Role
  • Youth Mobilization
  • Indigenous Peoples have a Vital Role
  • People under Oppression
  • Warfare
  • Peace, Development and Environmental Protection
  • Resolution of Environmental Disputes
  • Cooperation between State and People
  • Some Scholars have regarded the Rio Declaration as Third Generation Human Rights. LINK
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