Richard Verma

Richard Verma served as the Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs at the US Department of State and has been nominated to be the next United States Ambassador to India. Verma is considered highly capable for the mission as he has a mine of information and deep knowledge about the US National Security policy in all respects. He is said to have played an important role in the passage of Civil Nuclear Deal at the US Congress.

Richard Verma is said to be an advocate of strong Indo-US relations.  Top US analysts have trust in Verma who has a rich respect for culture and history of countries. He has been labelled as the ‘Most Influential Indian American Congressional aide’.

Medals and Awards

Rahul (Richard) Verma, served in US Air Force with distinction and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal (1998), Air Force Commendation Medal (1996) and National Defence Service Medal (1994). He was also awarded the State Department’s Distinguished Service Award in 2013.

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