Retirement of Cornwallis 1793 to arrival of Lord Wellesley 1798

Lord Cornwallis retired in 1793, and was succeeded by Sir John Shore. The Tenure of Sir John Shore’s rule as Governor General from 1793 to 1798 was politically uneventful in India but in Europe, a new sun Napoleon Bonaparte had risen.

When Shore left India in 1798 Sir Alfred Clarke, as senior member of council, became acting Governor General. In 1798, 1st Earl of Mornington, better known as the Marquis Wellesley or Lord Wellesley arrived in India. He was another British Aristocrat close to the Prime Minister Pitt, the younger, who had appointed him a Lord of the Treasury earlier.

Meanwhile some new changes were introduced in the management of the company as well as Indian Judiciary via the Charter Act of 1793

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