Reimposition of Jazia by Aurangzeb

The next step Aurangzeb took was the re-imposition of the hated Jazia. The people, to pray the majesty of not being able to pay Jazia got collected around the palace. However, by this time, Aurangzeb had abandoned the custom of appearing in person in the Jharokha, thus lost the close touch from the subjects. His eyes and ears could not see and listen the uproar against his fanatical policies. When he was going to the mosque, the crowd of the Hindus blocked his way, the elephants were forced their path over their bodies. The sparks of the discontent had turned into flame in due course of time.

His Rajput policy was also filled with the religious fanaticism, when he asked Raja Jaswant Singh to send his sons to Delhi so that they can be taught under his “supervision”, leading their conversion. All the Rajputs except raja of Amber were in a state of rebellion.

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