Rana Sanga of Chittor

The Old Rajput Hero Rana Sanga who counted 80 wounds on his body and lost one arm and one eye in the battle field, commanded a vast army of a Rajput confederacy with 120 chieftains leading 80 thousand war horses and 500 war elephants.

Rana Sanga of Chittor had defended his kingdom bravely from repeated invasions from the Muslim rulers of Delhi, Gujarat and Malwa.

  • He was the most powerful of the Hindu kings of that era.
  • Mewar touched the pinnacle of prosperity during the rule of Rana Sanga.

The reign of Rana Sanga is marked by continuous battles. He fought with rulers of Delhi, Gujarat and Malwa. Prior to confrontation with Babur, Battle of Gagron was his major battle.

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