Other Conquests of Akbar

From 1572 to 1573, Akbar could win Gujarat. Khan-i-Azam Mirza was appointed as Subedar of Gujarat. In 1574-75 he won Bengal. In 1581, he marched towards Afghanistan to suppress a revolt. By 1595, he had taken Kashmir, Sind, Orissa and Kandahar. In the Deccan, only Khandesh, Berar and parts of Ahamednagar were annexed.

  • Buland Darwaja at Fatehpur Sikri was erected by him to commemorate the victory over Gujarat.

The battles of Akbar were just like other battles, but there was a great difference. Akbar had a sovereign quality of mercy to those who submitted and his care that the passage of the troops should not ruin the troops. The assimilation of Hindu chiefs was one of the most striking features of his reign. When its climax, the empire of Akbar reached from Bay of Bengal to Kandahar rubbing soldiers with Persia and Kashmir to Narmada, touching the formidable Deccan Kingdoms. The empire was almost equal in area with that of Alauddin, but expansion its foundations were utterly stronger than that of the Khalji tyrant. It was not subdued with sword but was done with the utterly help of the wiling Hindu chiefs. Another major difference was that this expansion of Akbar’s empire went hand-in-hand with the nifty administration. The central government did not interfere so long as revenue did not suffer.

Akbar allowed no oppression by his officers. Large number of Hindus employed under Akbar.

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