On which account is the salary of the judges of the high court charged?

The salaries and other expenses of the judges and maintenance of the state high courts are charged from Consolidated Fund of the state.

The article 202 deals with the state budget. Article 202(3) says: The following expenditure shall be expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund of each State—

  1. the emoluments and allowances of the Governor and other expenditure relating to his office;
  2. the salaries and allowances of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and, in the case of a State having a Legislative Council, also of the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Council;
  3. debt charges for which the State is liable including interest, sinking fund charges and redemption charges, and other expenditure relating to the raising of loans and the service and redemption of debt;
  4. expenditure in respect of the salaries and allowances of Judges of any High Court;
  5. any sums required to satisfy any judgment, decree or award of any court or arbitral tribunal;
  6. any other expenditure declared by this Constitution, or by the Legislature of the State by law, to be so charged.

However please note that the retired Judges are entitled to a pension which is drawn from Consolidated Fund of India.

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