Nuno da Cunha & Treaty of Bassein

The next important Portuguese governor was Nuno da Cunha. Nuno da Cunha was able to bring Mombasa and Mozambique under the Portuguese circle.

During his time, the ruler of Gujarat was Bahadur Shah.

In 1529, Nuno was able to sack Daman and Diu (Damao), which were territories of Bahadur Shah. Later in 1534, he was able to compel Bahadur Shah to sign the treaty of Bassein. On the basis of treaty of Bassein, Bahadur shah gave Bassein (modern Vasai and Nallasopara in Mumbai Suburbs) to the Portuguese. But a year later, the Mughals captured Gujarat and Bahadur Shah, in order to purchase the support of the Portuguese, gave them Mumbai and surrounding areas. Thus by 1534, modern Mumbai, Vasai, Virar, Daman & Diu, Surat and entire Goa had gone in the hands of the Portuguese. The defeated Bahadur Shah was killed by his Portuguese friends on a ship and his body was thrown in the Arabian Sea. In 1538, there was another fierce battle with the men of Ottoman Empire and this is known as Seige of Diu. Portugal was victorious in this battle.