National Livestock Mission

The NDA Government has launched National Livestock Mission (NLM) from 2014-15.


The objective of this mission is to ensure quantitative and qualitative improvement in livestock production systems and capacity building of all stakeholders of livestock economy.


There are four sub-missions of National Livestock Mission as follows:

The Sub-Mission on Fodder and Feed Development

This sub-mission addresses the problems of scarcity of animal feed and fodder and bring its deficiency to nil.

Under Sub-Mission on Livestock Development

This sub-mission focuses on productivity enhancement, entrepreneurship development and employment generation (bankable projects), strengthening of infrastructure of state farms with respect to modernization, automation and biosecurity, conservation of threatened breeds, minor livestock development, rural slaughter houses, fallen animals and livestock insurance.

Sub-Mission on Pig Development in North-Eastern Region

This sub-mission on Pig Development in North-Eastern States would support the State Piggery Farms, and importation of germ-plasm so that eventually the masses get the benefit as it is linked to livelihood and contributes in providing protein-rich food in 8 States of the NER.

Sub-Mission on Skill Development, Technology Transfer and Extension

This mission focuses on extension machinery at field level for livestock activities.

Special Emphasis on Animal Health

One of the biggest issue of the livestock sector is animal diseases such as FMD, PPR, Brucellosis, Avian Influenza etc. The National Livestock Mission has also special emphasis on such diseases. Under this, the Government has launched Foot and Mouth Disease Control Programme (FMD-CP) and other such programmes in this direction.

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