Nasik Conspiracy Case 1909

Abhinav Bharat Society was launched in 1904 by V D Savarkar. One member of this organization Anant Lakshaman Karkare shot dead the district magistrate of Nasik. On 21st of December, 1909 , A M T Jackson the magistrate at Nasik was enjoying a theater where a drama was staged in his honor on the eve of his transfer. A young man of Abhinav Bharat Society named Ananat Laxman Karkare shot this indologist and “pandit” Jackson dead, in the theatre. This sensational murder is known as Nasik Conspiracy Case. 27 members of the Abhinav Bharat Society were convicted and punished. Ganesh Savarkar, brother of VD Savarkar was sent to Kala Pani


  • sachin c

    Is that ganesh savarkar or v d savarkar , bcz in some of d textbooks it is mentioned as ganesh savarkar……plz conclude me