Mumtaj Mahal

With Arjumand Bano Beghum, Khurram married at the age of 15 years and gave her the title Mumtaj Mahal. Mumtaj Mahal, the “lady of the palace” was a mother of his 14 children and died on the death of their 14th child. The exquisite monument Taj Mahal is a witness to her husband’s devotion. In Mumtaj we find a perfect wife, who had no political aspirations, opposite to Nur Jahan, the afghan widow Jahangir had married.

It was in 1631 that the lady of Taj, Mumtaj Mahal died during birth of their 14th Child Gauhara Beghum. After 1 year of her death, construction of Taj Mahal Began. It was completed in 1648 and surrounding buildings were finished in next 5 years.

Shah Jahan : After Mumtaj

Prince Khurram in his youth and early adulthood was a brave soldier, a brilliant general and a prudent administrator. Under his father his played the role of a resolute administrator and governor. When he grew old, he became more and more pleasure lover, so much that he suffered. His lovable wife Mumtaj had died in 1631, giving birth to their 14th child and this affectionate king became soaked up in his devotion to his eldest daughter, the princess Jahanara. He was still the same benevolent King but his character had gone.

The burden of the state had to be devolved. He devolved the power among his 4 sons, each of whom was given a governorship. But these 4 brothers were jealous of each other and Shah Jahan thought to secure peace by dividing the empire in 4 pieces, a fatal policy.

Dara Shikoh was given Multan and Kabul, Shah Shuja got Bengal, Aurangzeb got Deccan and Murad Got Gujarat.


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