Bank PO Interview-1

This Mock Bank Interview is based upon the interview experience of our successful member Ajay Mishra.

About Ajay Mishra:

Ajay Mishra has been associated with the Axis Bank, Dhamatari Branch. He has recently got the final call from SBI, for the post of Manager (SME) Scale III, for which written test held on 31/10/2010, GD & Interview on 12/01/2011 and final result on 06/04/2011. The interview panel had 3 members.


Ajay: Good morning to all of you sirs!

1st Member: Good morning Ajay, please be seated.

Ajay: Thank you sir!

1st Member: Mr. Ajay, tell me something about your state Chhattisgarh.

Ajay: Sir, Chhattisgarh is 26th State of India, which was created on November 1, 2000 by carving out from the 16 Chhattisgarhi-speaking districts of Madhya Pradesh.

1st Member: Are you sure, Chhattisgarh is 26th state of India?

Ajay: Yes, Sir

1st Member: Ok, which one was 25th state then?

Ajay: Sir, Goa is 25th state of India and after that 3 new states of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttaranchal were created in November 2000.

1st member: (looks satisfied): Alright Ajay, since you are already in Banking, Can you tell me exactly what are the differences between the RTGS and NEFT?

Ajay: Sir, NEFT stands for National Electronic Fund Transfer and RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement.

1st member: No…no Ajay, I am not asking for full forms. I am asking the difference between the two.

Ajay: Sir, Both of these mechanisms facilitates the individuals and firms to transfer funds from one bank to another. The first difference is of the money which can be transferred. There is no ceiling on the minimum or maximum amount that can be transferred through NEFT, and one can transfer even Re. 1 but for RTGS there is a minimum limit, but no cap on the maximum limit.

1st member (interrupting): Can you tell me exactly what the minimum limit is for RTGS?

Ajay: Yes sir, it is Rs. 2 Lakh

1st Member: Ajay, you said that these facilitate the transfer of money from one bank to another. But can one transfer money from and to abroad via RTGS and NEFT?

Ajay: No Sir, this facility is for fund transfer within the country only and not to and from abroad.

1st Member: That’s good. But are you sure that there is no upper cap in RTGS?

Ajay: Yes sir, but the banks may restrict the amount. Some banks keep the upper limit of Rs. 10 Lakh.

The 1st member looks towards the 2nd member, who is now ready to shoot his question to Ajay:

2nd Member: Ajay, can you tell me something about this ULIP Mania?

Ajay: Sir, this refers to the issue of control over the ULIPs and there was a tussle between SEBI and IrDA.

2nd Member: But will you be able to elaborate about Mr. Bhave’s outlook?

Ajay: Sir SEBI says that it has right to regulate ULIPs by contending that ULIPs, are similar to mutual fund schemes and they fall within the definition of securities. SEBI also claimed that IrDA has been unable to prevent and regulate mis-selling of ULIPs.

(Note: Please note that now Mr. C B Bhave has been replaced by Upendra Kumar Sinha as Chairman of SEBI)

3rd member: Ajay, what do you understand by Financial Inclusion?

Ajay: Sir, Financial Inclusion is a vast word, which basically pertains to the delivery or Banking and other related financial services to the poor, downtrodden segment of the society.

3rd member: If you are asked to join a local branch in the remotest corner of India, would you be able to join that?

Ajay: Yes Sir. I am ready and I shall be able to join any branch, anywhere in the country.

The interview lasted for some 15 minutes. Some personal questions have not been included in this mock interview. The idea is to help readers to pay attention to the fundamentals and don’t run here and there and overload themselves with too much info.

GKToday congratulates Ajay for his Brilliant success !

(The readers who have appeared in interviews may submit their experience to GKToday by sending an email to [email protected] ). The Mock Interviews are refined and aim to provide readers an opportunity to learn by experience of others and accuracy of information by GKToday)

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