Middle East solution needs moderation

Middle East solution needs moderation. The failure of talks between Palestine and Israel has pushed Palestine to take recourse to international legal instruments.

  • Palestinian Authority has thus quickly acceded to the Rome Statute of International Criminal Court as the UNSC resolution to upgrade its status from Observer to Non-Member Observer State was defeated due to resistance of US and Israel. This has been done in hope to bring the Israeli leaders responsible of war crimes during Gazan War to justice in the Hague Court. However, such an expectation may remain as a wish as it is still ambiguous as Palestinian status would be considered revised from 2012 or when its accession to Rome Treaty is completed.
  • Any attempt by PA to gain international recognition has been thwarted by US and Israel and have threatened an economic backlash against Palestine in addition to travel bans on Palestinian leadership. The larger interests of Palestine issue in the Middle East call for more moderating voices like PA who is tolerant of Israel as against Hamas who refuse to recognise the state of Israel.

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