Memorable Points : 9 From Infoclips

Euro-IV Norms:
Currently, 13 cities are supposed to switch to Euro-IV norms, while other are to move to Euro-III norms. But oil companies say they won`t be able to provide Euro-III compliant fuels to all of India’s smaller cities at one go. This gets environmentalists worried. Besides carmakers have already rolled out Euro-IV compliant cars that need the newer fuels for their pollution control devices to work properly. The deadline for the new emission norms is 1 April.

Prerequisite for an amendment Bill:
An amendment bill requires at least half the members of the house to be present and at least two-thirds of those present to support it.

Nimo Bazgo Dam and Chutak Power Plants
The Nimo Bazgo Dam and Chutak Power Plants are being built by India on the River Indus. They have been a minor issue with Pakistan.

Moscow Declaration:
Moscow Declaration has been signed by the Minister of Agrarian Development of Brazil Mr. Guilherme Cassel, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Ms. Elena Skrynnik, Minister of Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution of India, Mr. Sharad Pawar and Minister of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Han Changf on March 26, 2010.

PRIA Soft :
PRIA Soft (Panchayati Raj Institutions Accounting Software) Developed by NIC facilitates maintenance of accounts of Panchayats. It captures the voucher level receipt and expenditure detail. The software is being customizes to meet state-specific requirements. In a few states the software is being used, although with a different names.
Midori no Bunken
Midori no Bunken is a concept currently being promoted by Japan. It aims at changing centralized society to community-based society to enhance self-sufficiency within a region through maximizing natural resources, including forest, sea, food and energy, with emphasis on not relying on electricity generated by others. It focuses on renewable energy such as solar, wind, micro hydro and biomass energy. Recently in January 2010 India and Japan signed an agreement which envisages development of a solar city in India. This term was in news in this context.

stock position of food grains
The stock position of food grains in the Central Pool as on 1 April 2009 was 35.0 million tonnes, comprising 21.6 million tonnes of rice and 31.4 million tonnes of wheat against the buffer norm of 12.2 million tonnes and 4.0 million tonnes respectively. The stock position of food grains as on January 2010 is 47.4 million tonnes comprising 24.3 million tones of rice and 23.1 million tonnes of wheat against buffer norms of 11.8 million tonnes and 8.2 million tonnes respectively.

Precision Farming Development Centres
Government has established 22 Precision Farming Development Centres (PFDCs) in the country. These PFDCs are working on various plasticulture applications and precision farming practices and providing technical support to the respective State Governments. These PFDCs are also working with farmers and creating awareness among them about latest cultivation practices through training and awareness programmes and camps.
UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize
Since 2000 Madanjeet Singh has been a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador. Bi-annual UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize for the promotion of tolerance and non-violence has been established after his name and is also sponsored by him.

Schengen area
The Schengen area is a borderless travel zone grouping of 22 EU nations plus Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

Highest clean energy investment
In 2009, China surpassed the United States as the country with the most clean energy investment. China`s clean energy investments were $34.6 billion, compared with U.S.A.`s $18.6 billion last year. However Its worth note that US still leads the world in installed renewable energy, with 52.2 gigawatts of wind energy, small hydroelectric, biomass and waste generating capacity.

Abel Prize winner:
2010 winner is John Tate from United States for his vast and lasting impact on the theory of numbers. He was awarded Abel Prize on 24 March 2010.

New Moore island:
It was known as New Moore Island in India and South Talpatti Island in Bangladesh. It was an unhabitated island which emerged in the Bay of Bengal in the aftermath of the Bhola cyclone in 1970. It had been created by the delta currents. It was located south of the Hariabhanga river. Now it has disappeared due to raising sea levels. With this the territorial claims of India and Bangladesh have also ended.