Marketing Aptitude: Themes of Advertisement

A theme of advertising is a central, recurring idea or message intended to trigger desired action from the customers. It is the heart of advertising copy. Some of the popular themes used in the advertisements of different products are given below.

  • Prestige: -This theme of advertising is used to advertise luxury articles among people, the possession of which gives them a distinctive status and a feeling of pride. For example, four-wheelers, videos, refrigerator, furniture, jewellery, etc.
  • Comfort: – The advertisements for bath products, air conditioners, fans and other household appliances generally contain this feeling of comforts. Using this approach, advertisers hope to show how using the product could make a person life a little easier or more pleasant.
  • Economy: – It is a common theme in clearance sale and bargain offers. This theme of advertising is generally used to sale products of low value.
  • Health: – The drugs and food products are often advertised with this theme. E.g., for energy and vigor use i.e. Horlicks, Bournvita, etc.
  • Beauty: This theme is used in advertisements for cosmetics, perfumeries, toilet soaps etc., for men and women.
  • Parental Affection: -This theme is used to advertise products meant for children, e.g. toys, baby foods, baby dresses, tricycles, etc.
  • Fear: – The themes stressing fear of death, accident, personal loss through fire, burglary, etc., is used in the advertisements of insurance, safety vaults, etc. The traffic police also make use of this theme to caution people i.e. life is short don’t make is shorter’, ‘’Keep off the road, “Shun the anguish of an accident”, etc.
  • Achievement: – Usually, this theme is used by large concerns engaged in the production of goods necessary for the development of country’s economy. e.g., ‘H.M.T Time keepers to the Nation’. There is a desire to imitate or emulate distinguished people, e.g.’, ‘successful men all over the world use.
  • Patriotism: – This theme is used by native firms to induce people to buy their products in place of imported products. For example, the slogan “Made in India” influences the attitudes of the people who believe in purchasing goods made in India only.
  • Curiosity: – Human mind is basically inquisitive and variety is the species of life. The eagerness for new things is so strong that this theme can be used through advertisement of new designs, styles, package, etc.

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