Maritime Agenda 2010-20

In 2011, the Government of India had launched the lofty Maritime Agenda, a perspective plan of the Shipping Ministry for the present decade. The Maritime Agenda projects a total traffic of 2494.95 million tonnes for all major and non-major ports taken together and a capacity of 3280.04 million tonnes. The proposed investments in ports by 2020 is expected to be 119449.41 crore and in non-major ports it is 167930.84 crore.

Agenda for Ports

The agenda for the decade for the Ports are:

  • Create Port capacity of 3200 M.T. for handling about 2500 M.T. of cargo
  • Increase India’s share in global ship building to 5 per cent.
  • Increase India’s share of seafarer to 9 per cent of the global strength by 2015
  • Develop Two New Major Ports one each on east and west coasts
  • Establishing ‘Indian Ports Global’ for overseas investments by Indian Ports.
Agenda for Shipping

The agenda for the decade for Shipping are:

  • Declaration of Coastal Shipping Policy
  • Establishment of a ‘Freight Exchange
  • Creation of Ombudsman/ Tribunals for shipping matters
  • Formation of an independent Marine Casualty Investigation Cell
  • Ro-Ro Ferry service in Gulf of Kutch, Gulf of Cambay and other suitable places.
Other Agenda

The agenda also envisages:

  • Enactment of a new Indian Ports Act replacing Indian Ports Act 1908 and the Major Port Trusts Act 1963
  • Enactment of Shipping Trade Practices Act
  • Control of piracy through concerted international action
  • Renewal and strengthening of Indo-Bangladesh Protocol on Inland Water Transport
  • Bilateral maritime agreements with selected countries/regions for mutual benefit.

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