Marginal Standing Facility

Marginal Standing Facility is a new Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF) window created by Reserve Bank of India in its credit policy of May 2011.  MSF is the rate at which the banks are able to borrow overnight funds from RBI against the approved government securities.

The question is – Banks are already able to borrow from RBI via Repo Rate, then why MSF is needed? We note here that this window was created for commercial banks to borrow from RBI in certain emergency conditions when inter-bank liquidity dries up completely and there is a volatility in the overnight interest rates. To curb this volatility, RBI allowed them to pledge G-secs and get more funds from RBI at a rate higher than the repo rate. Thus, overall idea behind the MSF is to contain volatility in the overnight inter-bank rates.

Rate of Interest

The rate of interest on MSF is above 100 bps above the Repo Rate.  The banks can borrow up to 1 percent of their net demand and time liabilities (NDTL) from this facility. This means that Difference between Repo Rate and MSF is 200 Basis Points.  So, Repo rate will be in the middle, the Reverse Repo Rate will be 100 basis points below it, and the MSF rate 100 bps above it. Thus, if Repo Rate is X%, reverse repo rate is X-1% and MSF is X+1%.

Key RBI Policy Rates and Ratio - February, 2019
Current Bank Rate6.50%
Current Repo Rate6.25%
Current Reverse Repo rate6.00%
Current Marginal Standing Facility Rate6.50%
Current Cash Reserve Ratio4%
Current Statutory Liquidity Ratio19.25%
Last Updated on07-02-2019

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  • santhoshdeveloper

    the content is mindblowing…but it is mentioned
    1.Difference between Repo Rate and MSF is 200 Basis Points”. is given, reverse repo rate is X-1% Repo Rate is X%, and MSF is X+1%
    3. if REVERSE REPO=below 100 repo=100 MSF =200

    statement 3 contradicts the statement 1.. please clarify…which one is right ?
    Difference between Repo Rate and MSF is 200 Basis Points”.
    Difference between Reverse Repo Rate and MSF is 200 Basis Points”.

  • Avinash Patra

    Difference between Repo Rate and MSF is 200 Basis Points
    Actually here it should be reverse repo than repo


    Difference between Reverse repo rate and MSF is 200 basis point
    not between repo rate and MSF..