Mahtma Gandhi & Green Pamphlet

By 1896, Gandhi had two partial victories to his credit:

  • One was the Indian Franchise Amendment Bill, which was not approved in its prior condition and
  • another was the Immigration bill, which though got passed, but the 25 Pound Poll Tax was reduced to 3 Pound.

Thus now Gandhi was established as a leader of the Indians in South Africa. In 1896, he wished to come back to India to see his family. He came to India via Calcutta.

  • At Rajkot he wrote and issued a “Green Pamphlet“. In this Green Pamphlet, he exposed the conditions of Indian Indentured laborers and Coolies in South Africa. He also made some speeches in India, regarding the human rights and their condition.

    The Green Pamphlet was taken by the British as an anti-government publication. When Gandhi again reached Durban, his ship was not allowed to dock for three days. When he finally got himself dislodged, he was beaten by the “whites”. But despite this humiliation, he continued to work for Indian Natal Congress.

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