Litchi Production in India

India produces around 6 Lakh tonnes of Litchi mainly in Bihar, Uttarakhand, West Bengal and Jharkhand. Bihar alone accounts for nearly half of the country’s total litchi output. This is one of the fruits of India whose domestic marketing as well as export potential are yet to be tapped.

We note here that some Litchi grown in India is of high quality and high pulp-to-stone ratio (makes it suitable for exports). Further, Indian litchi is harvested between Mid-April to June; when good quality litchi is not available from other countries such except some countries such as Thailand. On the other hand, other Litchi exporters such as Madagascar, South Africa and Australia harvest Litchi in November / February while Israel in October. Thus, Indian litchi does not need to compete with the other exporters. But the problem is of paucity of infrastructure, cold stores and other components of cold chain management.

Main varieties of Litchi include Shahi, Elaichi, Rose scented, Bombai, Purbi, Calcuttia etc.