Lamin B2

Lamin B2 is the name of nuclear protein found at the border of the nucleolus. It plays an important role in maintaining the structure of the nucleus. Besides controlling the shape, Lamin B2 also controls the function of the nucleolus.

Lamin B2 also modulates the entry and exit of a multifunctional RNA binding protein (nucleoli). This protein too forms an aggregate in the absence of Lamin B2.

Recent findings about Lamin B2:

  • It is found that Lamin B2 helps to determine the morphology and function of the nucleolus, a roundish entity found inside the nucleus and makes ribosomal ribonucleic acid (rRNA) and ribosomes
  • It is also found that Like in the case of the nucleus, the Lamin B2 protein is found at the border of the nucleolus.
  • When the Lamin B2 level was depleted in the cancer cells, there was an increase in the levels of ribosomal RNA precursors.