Jahangir: Rebellion of Khusru

Rebellion of Khusru

Khusrau Mirza was Jahangir’s eldest son and was a favorite of his grandfather Akbar. He was offspring of Jahangir and his Kachhawa princess. In 1606, this energetic, popular and sober young man Khusru left Agra for Sikandara with 350 men at horse and instead of paying tributes to his grandfather; he went to Mathura where one Hussain Beg joined him with some 3000 horses. From there the combined force proceeded towards Lahore, at Panipat Abdur Rahim joined him, who was Subedar of Lahore.

On midway, at Taran Taran he sought blessings of the 5th Sikh Guru Arjun Dev and laid the siege of Lahore. But the impeccant prince got defeated by the Mughal army and was captured, imprisoned at Agra and blinded later by one of his half brothers Khurram (Shah Jahan), who later dispatched him, to the “other world”. The hostility towards Sikhs never disappeared for rest of the Mughal Empire.

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