Islam Shah Suri

Islam Shah Suri

Sher Shah was succeeded by Jalal Khan, his son who ascended the throne with title Islam Shah Suri.

  • At Sasaram, Islam Shah Suri built a 122 ft Tomb for his late father.
  • We get the information about the period of Sher Shah in Tarikh-i-Sher Shahi , which was written by Abbas Khan Sarwani, one of the historians of Akbar.

The succession was not so easy and followed by a struggle in two brothers Islam Shah and Adil Khan. Adil Khan was defeated and exiled. Since Adil Khan was supported by some of the Nobles, the nobles became victims of wrath of Islam Shah.

Islam Shah was a true Muslim as his title suggested.

  • Islam shah is best known for “Codifying the Laws” for the first time. Thus, in justice and judiciary, he was one step ahead of his father Sher Shah.

His reign was of 9 years till 1554, when he died of some disease. His successor was his son Firoz Shah, a 12 year child, got soon assassinated by Muhammad Adil Shah.

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