INS Kadmatt

INS Kadmatt: 2nd Indigenous Anti-Submarine Warfare Corvette launched

The second indigenous Anti-Submarine Warfare Corvette- INS Kadmatt was launched recently. The Indian Navy’s modernization quest under ‘Project-28’, to stealthily hunt and destroy lurking enemy submarines, got further bolstered with the launch of the second indigenous ‘Anti Submarine Warfare’ (ASW) corvette ‘Kadmatt’ – named after an island in the Lakshwadeep archipelago of India. It is built by the GRSBE (Garden Reach Ship Builders Engineers) Ltd, Kolkata.

Conforming to the centuries-old maritime tradition of ship launches by a lady, Ms Mamatha (Wife of Raksha Rajya Mantri, Dr. M.M. Pallam Raj) launched INS Kadmatt from the GRSE main yard.

Information on INS Kadmatt

INS Kadmatt is the 2nd in a series of four Anti-Submarine Warfare Corvettes that will be commissioned into the Navy’s fleet. The 4 ASW are:-

  • Kamorta (Launched in 2010, To be delivered to Indian Navy in 2012)
  • Kadmatt (Launched in 2011, To be delivered to Indian Navy in 2013)
  • Kiltan (Yet to be launched)
  • Kavaratti (Yet to be launched)

The ASW corvettes – deemed Kamorta Class Ships – with more than 80% indigenous content, capable of fighting under NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) environment are designated as super-sophisticated frontline warships with stealth features.

This ship’s main role is to protect other ships in the convoy and sea ports against submarine attack and to neutralize the enemy submarines using her weapons like torpedoes, rocket launchers and helicopter. The ship has high-stealth features making her more or less invisible to the enemy above and below the waters.

The anti-submarine warfare capability is largely achieved due to the low signature of radiated underwater noise.

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