India’s Egg Production

Poultry plays an important role in providing livelihood support and food security, especially to the rural population.

  • India produces more than 55.6 billion eggs per year, with per capita availability of 47 eggs per annum.
  • As per the estimate provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for 2008, the annual chicken meat production in India is around 2.49 million tonnes.
  • The value of exports was around Rs 422 crore during 2008-09. Eggs and poultry are among the cheaper source of animal protein.

During 2009-10, a new centrally sponsored Poultry Development Scheme with an outlay of Rs 150 crore was launched. The scheme, through its Rural Backyard Poultry Development component is expected to cover below poverty line (BPL) sections of the society to help them gain supplementary income and nutritional support. In order to encourage entrepreneurship skills of individuals, a Poultry Venture Capital Fund is also being implemented covering various poultry activities.

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