Improving Learning Outcomes

In India, there is high level of inequality in learning wherein only a small proportion i.e., the privileged students are able to acquire good learning. Some of the promising strategies which have been identified by various education experts are summed up below-

Experiments on learning innovations, including remedial programmes

It is needed that alternative pedagogies be implemented which would be able to yield improvements in basic skills with existing resources, whether with volunteers, existing teachers or contract teachers. Designing appropriate class-level training, teacher training and conducting campssuch as summer camps can be very innovative methods to increase the learning outcome of the students.

Teacher incentives

There can be small financial incentives given to teachers which would be able to lead to improvements in teaching quality of the teachers and ultimately the teachers would be able to deliver better and learning outcome from the students end would be enhanced.

Teaching according to a child’s ability

The problem with the education system is that the teaching method is very text book oriented. This generally bores the children and they are not attentive. Ultimately, it is the students who have learnt nothing but were simply sitting in the class. Therefore, it is needed that activity oriented classes be undertaken wherein teaching is done as per the needs of the child. Therefore, to increase the learning of the child, it would be better if the children are grouped by level rather than by class, and taught accordingly.

School choice

This measure is especially for the parents of the children. It would be necessary for the parent to make the right choice of school for the child according to the level of the child. In India, there is a trend to follow the bandwagon of admitting a child to a school due to the pressure from the society in order to just look good in public. This is however a wrong technique as this would only burden the child wherein the performance would not be met and learning would be zero.


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