Humayun- Early Expeditions

1531: Kalinjer Expedition

In 1531, he first invaded Kalinjer and laid the siege of Kalinjer. But rather than crushing the King, he concluded peace and accepted indemnity.

1531: Battle of Dauhariya

Humayun marched towards Bihar and disposed off Mahmud Lodi in the decisive battle of Dauhariya.

1532: Siege of Chunar & submission of Sher Shah

In 1532 he laid the siege of Chunar which was under Sher Shah Suri. Instead of following up his success by crushing the routed Pathans, he accepted submission of Sher Shah and abandoned the siege of Chunar. This nominal submission left the most capable of the Afghans, Sher Shah, to mature his plans and strengthen his power, when Humayun was away, busy in south.

The abandoning of Chunar siege was actually induced by the fear of the Bahadur Shah who was aiming the conquest of Delhi. He had annexed Malwa and Humayun arrived at Malwa in the end of 1534. He found Bahadur Shah busy in siege of the great Rajput Fort of Chittor.

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