High Yielding Variety Programme

High Yielding Variety Programme (HYVP): 1966-67

The High Yielding Variety Programme (HYVP) was launched in the Kharif of 1966-67 with an objective to attain self-sufficiency in food by 1970-71. The core philosophy of the programme was to increase the productivity of food grains by adopting latest varieties of inputs of crops. Introduction of new high yielding varieties of improved seeds and enhanced application of the fertilizers and extended use of pesticides were its main features.

  • The Farmers were extended finance through a relaxed mechanism by the Reserve Bank of India through the Central Cooperative Banks.
  • This programme in the 4th five year plan was a major breakthrough and a turning point in the history of agriculture development in India.
  • The programme was successful in the wheat producing zones of the country and some success in the rice and other crops was also achieved.

The High Yielding Variety Programme envisaged the introduction of

  1. High-yielding varieties of seeds
  2. Increased use of fertilizers
  3. Increased irrigation.
  • These three are collectively as the Green Revolution.

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