Green Wall Project?

China is good at building defensive walls. First is the Great Wall of China and second is the Three-North Shelterbelt Project which is also known as the Great Green Wall started in 1978.

The green project is an effort of the Chinese government to combat the loss of its grassland to the Gobi Desert. As of today, over 66 billion trees have been planted with methods such as aerial seeding and cash incentives to farmers who plant trees, shrubs and other greenery under the green project.

It is a multi-generational mega project due to be completed by 2050. The end target is the creation of 405 million hectares of new forest — covering 42 per cent of China’s territory — and increasing global forest cover by 10 per cent.

Due to this effort, vegetation has improved as well as dust storms have decreased significantly in the Great Green Wall region, compared with other areas.

India is home to fast desertification of lands which must be immediately stopped. The ‘Green Wall of China Project’ is an example which the Indian Government can adapt to break desertification across the country.