‘Green’ Nylon

Researchers have discovered a novel way for the production of Nylon. Nylon is a widely used synthetic polymer made of repeating units linked by amide bonds known as polyamide. Adipic acid is a key component in the production of Nylon. At present, Adipic acid is produced from fossil fuel, and the pollution released from the refinement process contributes significantly to global warming. But in a recent breakthrough scientists discovered a new way to produce eco-friendly adipic acid by using a series of enzymes as an assembly line to convert cheap sugars into adipic acid. Scientists were searching for an enzyme 2-hydroxyadipate dehydrogenase which they could never produce. In recent studies on Brain tumors they identified a genetic mutation in brain tumours that alters the function of an enzyme known as an isocitrate dehydrogenase. They used it to create the green adipic acid, through a series of steps.

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