Functions of a Budget

The key functions of a government budget are discussed below:

Public Policy Document

The budget serves as a public policy document expressed in money and is an embodiment of implied policy objective in monetary terms.

Redistribution of Wealth

The most important function of budget is redistribution of wealth. However, that needs proper integration of revenue and expenditure side.

Instrument of Economic Development

Budget serves as an instrument of economic development, which embodies a work programme for administration and government. It’s a source of information for all stakeholders.

Instrument of budgetary control

Budget also serves as an instrument of financial control by legislative over executive. It also serves as instrument of accountability and financial control. Further, it is a management tool for achieving efficiency, productivity, improvements and for determining the degree to which policy goals have been accomplished.

Instrument of accountability

Budget is an instrument to make elected legislators accountable to people. It also upholds the economic, social and cultural rights of the people.