Functions and Responsibilities of Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is someone who manages the marketing resources of a business or product. He may be responsible for various products and services or be in charge of a single product or service. A manager needs to have a friendly, social and spontaneous nature. In accord with these attributes, he needs to be highly focused, detail-oriented and very scrupulous of meeting budget restraints and timelines.

Functions of Marketing Manager

Work with top management

The main function of marketing manager is to work with top management. He is to assist the top management in determining the marketing plans and policies so that all the problems of the process of planning may be removed and sound plans and policies may be formulated.

Supervise and coordinate business activities

A marketing manager has to establish effective co-ordination among the business activities of purchase, sale, packing, storage, transportation, advertisement, sales promotion, after sale-services, etc.

Identify Potential Markets

To create and increase the demand of the goods and services produced by the enterprise, the marketing manager has to identify new potential markets and also has to maintain the relationships among the existing markets for their enterprise and its products.

Evaluate the Product

In the technological arena, the needs and demands of the customers changes time to time. Thus, it becomes necessary for the marketing manager to study all these changes and evaluate the product periodically so that necessary modifications and alterations may be made in the product.

Launch new product or services

To attract new customers and retain old customers, marketing manager study needs and demands of the market. According to it, he launches new goods and services to satisfy the existing customers and to attract new customers (or consumers).

Select the Channels of Distribution

The physical distribution of goods and services through many channels viz. wholesalers, retailers, etc. is decided by the marketing manager. As per the needs of the firm, he selects the specific channel and supplies the finished products from producers to consumers.

Create a market plan

According to the marketing nature of the firm, the marketing manager creates an action plan to determine when, how, where and by whom the marketing activities viz. sales forecast, advertisement, sales promotion, distribution of products, etc. should be carried out to achieve marketing goals.

Study the Economic and Political Environment

To survive and get success in the business, the marketing manager not only has to study the economic, social and the political environment of the business enterprise but also has to follow the government rules and regulations, social norms and cultural values, regional treaties and global alignment, economic rules and tax policies of the government. After analyzing all these factors, he formulates the business strategies for the customer satisfaction and profit maximization of the enterprise.

Thus, we can say, business organization is a dynamic entity because it operates in the dynamic business environment.

Responsibilities of Marketing Manager

Marketing manager is the person responsible for overseeing the allocation of resources to marketing activities. Marketing activities are the activities which determine the success or failure of an enterprise. Some of the responsibilities of marketing manager are as follows:

Responsibilities towards Enterprise

The marketing manager is a very responsible authority to achieve the pre-determined goals of an enterprise. To increase the honor and earning of the firm, he has to plan, organize, co-ordinate and control all the marketing activities. He has the responsibility to

  • Gather the results of market research and decide and control the quantity and quality of production.
  • Sale forecasting, product planning and price fixation.
  • Prepare a roadmap of advertisement and sales promotion and specify the channels of distribution for goods and services.
  • Control credit policy of the firm and also the cost of marketing activities.
  • Arrange for after-sale-services and remove the problems of consumers.
Responsibilities towards Employees

A Marketing Manager has a great responsibility towards’ the employees of his department. For his employees, he has the responsibility to provide them proper training and remuneration. The other responsibilities of marketing manager towards his employees are to

  • Commence schemes for their welfare..
  • Motivate them, which indirectly benefits in the development of the firm.
  • Evaluate the performance of employees and receive the suggestions and the problems of employees.
  • Co-ordinate the activities different employees.
Responsibilities towards Society

A Marketing Manager has a great responsibility towards his society also. He has the responsibility to

  • Provide new goods and services as per the needs and wants of society.
  • Maintain regular supply of goods and services at reasonable prices in the market.
  • Increase the employment opportunities.
  • Protect society against the effects of economic slump.
Responsibilities towards Customers

Following are the responsibilities of a Marketing Manager towards customers (or consumers):

  • To study the needs and wants of consumers and according to it fulfill their demands.
  • To make the regular supply of goods and services.
  • To provide after sale-services.
  • To educate the consumers regarding alternative uses of products.
  • To remove grievances of consumers


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