Foundation of Madarasa Aaliya 1781 and Asiatic Society 1784

The First chief Justice of Supreme Court of Calcutta was Elijah Impey. Sir Robert Chambers was appointed second judge under Sir Elijah Impey as chief justice, with a promise that if the Chief Justice’s post became vacant, it would be offered to him.

  • In 1784, Sir Robert Chambers was the Chief Justice at the Supreme Court of Calcutta. This year is special for development of the Indology.

Sir William Jones, one of the outstanding Oriental Researcher had correspondence with Warren Hastings regarding the research of the Sanskrit Language. Warren Hastings had considerable respect of the ancient Indian Law. No English person understood the Sanskrit, and not much work was done except translation of some Puranas such as Skandpurana and some other books such as Surya Siddhanta.

  • In 1781, Warren Hastings founded the Madarasa Aliya or Calcutta Madarasa.
  • Warren Hastings supported the establishment of AsiatiK society, (which later became Asiatic Society) in 1784 by Sir William Jones under the chairmanship of Sir Robert Chambers. Both of them exist till date flourishing.
  • It’s worth note that Madarsa Aaliya was run for quite some time by Warren Hastings only through his own pocket, but a year later he was paid by the Bengal Government.
  • In 2007, this Madarasa Aaliya became the Aliah University by Aliah University Act 2007.
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