Environmental Concerns of Cement

The cement making process involves a lot of pollution and has been under the criticism for environment concerns. Under the Prevention and Control of Pollution (Uniform Consent Procedure) Rules, 1999, Cement has been classified as a RED industry, signifying heavy pollution and covered under Central Action Plan. Almost every stage in cement production causes air and noise pollution. With reference to Indian Cement Industry, the following are specific issues begetting environment problems:

  • Limestone is the major raw material used in production of cement. In comparison to other countries, India’s limestone is of low grade with low calcium carbonate content.
  • Coal is the major fuel used in Indian cement industry. Indian coal is limited in quantity and lower in quality with a low calorific value and higher ash content.

Cement Sustainability Initiative

The Cement Sustainability Initiative is the joint contribution of 25 major cement companies of the word which is working with World Business Council for Sustainable Development for the sustainable development in the cement industry. It works in six core areas viz. Climate protection, Fuels and raw materials, Employee health & safety, Emissions reduction, Local impact and Internal business processes.

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