East India Company- Foundation of Bombay

Foundation of Bombay

However, the growing powers of Marathas became a headache for the company. Surat was open to constant raids by the Marathas and was beyond the protection of the guns of the Company’s ships, and the other factories were no better placed, while Bombay was not safe from Mogul and Maratha fleets.

  • Sir George Oxenden, who had been president at Surat since 1662 and defended the factory from the Maratha raids became the First Governor of Bombay on its acquisition by the Company in 1668 with power to nominate a deputy-governor to reside on the island, but he was placed under the control of the president and council of Surat.
  • English officers and privates were invited to enter the company’s service, and thus the first military establishment of the East India Company at Bombay was created.
  • On 14 July 1669 Oxenden died at Surat and he was succeeded by Gerald Aungier, the second Governor of Bombay.
  • Gerald Aungier laid the foundations of Bombay’s importance.

He took possession of Colaba and Old Woman’s Island from the Portuguese and thus completing the transfer of power to the British.

In his time, the first mint was started at Bombay and also first printing press was set up in Bombay which was imported. He died in 1677 and was followed by John Child, who assumed the duties of governor and general in October 1681. However, John Child never had the official title of governor-general.

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