Early Years of Congress: the Demands

During the early years, Congress passed the resolutions on the related to political, administrative and economic public grievances.

  • The main political demand was the reform in the legislative councils so that the Indians get wider powers such as discussion on Budget, so that they work as representatives of the people.
  • There was a demand of local self-government at a wider level.
  • They wanted reforms in the Civil services and through a simultaneous ICS examination at India as well as England, so that the administration becomes more responsive to the needs of the Indian People.
  • The other demand was separation of Judiciary with the executive.
  • The other demands were:
  • Repeal of the arms act
  • Higher jobs in the army for the Indians
  • Rising of an Indian volunteers force.

    Similarly, the economic issues were based upon the drain of wealth from India to England.

  • It was documented and published by Dada Bhai Naoroji as “Poverty and un-British Rule in India”.
  • The Congress leaders wanted an inquiry into India’s growing poverty and famines, reduction in military expenditure and home expenditures
  • They wanted more funds for technical education to promote Indian industries.
  • Another demand was to put an end to unfair tariffs and excise duties imposed on Indian traders very discriminately.
  • They wanted extension of permanent settlement to other areas.

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