Discuss the meaning of the principle that a foreign sovereign is not under the jurisdiction of the court of another country.

The principle is that, as a consequence, of the absolute independence of every sovereign authority, and of the international comity which induces every sovereign states to respect the independence and dignity of every other sovereign each and every state declines to exercise by means of its courts any of its jurisdiction over the person of any sovereign  or ambassador of other state or over the public property of any state which is destined to public use, or over the property of any ambassador, through such sovereign, ambassador or property with its territory, and therefore, but for the common agreement subject to its jurisdiction. The independent sovereign of the smallest state stands on the same footing as the monarch of the greatest. No Court can entertain an action against a foreign sovereign for anything done, or omitted to be done, by him in his public capacity as representative of the nation of which he is the head.