Digital India and Right to Privacy

Digital India is an initiative of the Indian government to integrate the government departments with citizens of India. As part of the initiative, Government is building a big database platform which consolidates its public records. Under the project all the records of police, legal system files will be merged to the database. Government is also planning to build a new own platform for provision of social security benefits, payment systems and property registration etc. The project also aims at provision of internet connectivity in rural areas. E-Aadhar scheme, DigiLocker initiative, National Scholarship portal and MyGov platform etc. are some of the initiatives under the Digital India project.

Right to privacy

The concerns about privacy issues with Digital India get legitimacy from the fact that its massive project, would generate a lot of data; and foreign collaboration is one of the pillars on which it would stand. Once the data is sold outside the country, it is not only subject to misuse but also is out of national jurisdiction. Without proper safeguards the privacy of the people would be surely encroached.

The problem is compounded with the fact that India does not have a specific legislation on privacy data protection.  Indian courts have recognised the right to privacy only in bits and parts, as traditionally contained in common law and criminal law.


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