Dholavira is located on Khadir Beyt, an island in the Great Rann of Kutch in Gujarat in India. It has been excavated since 1990 by a team lead by R S Bisht of ASI. The city is as large as Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. It has some of the best preserved stone architecture.

  • A tantalizing signboard with Indus script has also been discovered at Dholavira.

Dholavira appears to have had several large reservoirs, and an elaborate system of drains to collect water from the city walls and house tops to fill these water tanks.

  • There are two latest and largest settlements of harappan culture in independent India. One is Dholavira in Gujarat and another is Rakhi Garhi in Haryana.


  • Unlike the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro where there are two settlements , in Dholavira 3 citadels or principal divisions have been found which have been duly protected by fortifications. There is an open ground out of the fortifications.
  • In Dholavira there has been found the inner enclosure of the citadel too which has not been found in any other cities of the Harappan culture.
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