Deposition of Gaekwad of Baroda 1875

Till 1870, Baroda was under the popular Raja “Sir” Khanderao Gaekwad. After his death, he was supposed to be succeeded by Malharrao, his brother as he had no male heirs. But after his death, his wife was due to give birth to a posthumous child. But the Child was a girl, so all speculation null and void, Malhararao ascended the throne. But this man was a foolish and lavish spender and a gross tyrant. So, the paramount British came in action and by the orders of Lord Salisbury, he was deposed in 1875 and was exiled to Madras. Later he died in obscurity in 1882. This was one illustration of the use of paramount power in instances to punish acts of excessive or criminal misconduct committed by a chief or his ministers.

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