Delhi Darbar 1877

A few months after his swearing in as India’s Viceroy, a Grand Darbar was organized at Delhi on January 1, 1877, in which Queen Victoria was proclaimed empress of India. After this the Queen conferred upon him the honor of the Grand Cross of the civil division of the Order of the Bath.

  • Queen Victoria was proclaimed with title “Kaisar-i-Hind” at this Darbar.

    When the princes of Indian princely states were flocking to participate in this gorgeous scene of Delhi Darbar, the shadow of famine was darkening over southern India.

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  • priya rimjhim anjali

    Regarding the detail information of DELHI DARBAR along with picture which was held in 1877 by general governor JAMES JOHN.was one of the cause for the rise of nationalism.At this time a continous famine was occured in SOUTH INDIA.