Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme

The Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS) is a credit linked subsidy scheme of government of India to promote the setting up of modern dairy farms. This scheme is a modified version of an earlier 2004 scheme called Dairy/Poultry Venture Capital Fund. The applicant / entrepreneur has to make arrangement for minimum 10% of the total money needed for setting up a modern dairy farm. For rest, the government provides 25% capital subsidy (33.33% for SC/ST) and remaining amount is provided as loan (minimum 40%) by the Commercial Banks, Cooperative Banks, Regional Rural Banks and Urban Banks. The nodal implementation agency for this scheme is NABARD.

Eligible beneficiaries of the scheme include agricultural farmers, individual entrepreneurs and groups of unorganized and organized sector. Group of organized sector, includes self-help groups, dairy cooperative societies, Milk unions, milk federation, etc.. This scheme shall also help in employment generation at village level as well as Dairy Co-operative Society level.

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