Central Zoo Authority

Central Zoo Authority is a statutory body whose main objective is to enforce minimum standards and norms for upkeep and health care of animals in India zoos and restrain mushrooming of unplanned and ill-conceived zoos that were cropping up in the country as adjuncts to public parks, industrial complexes and way sides.


In India, the Zoos are regulated as per the provisions of Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 and are guided by the National Zoo Policy, 1992. The Wild Life Protection Act was amended in 1991 to establish the Central Zoo Authority.

Other Facts

Central Zoo Authority is headed by Minister of State for Environment & Forests (Forests & Wildlife), Government of India. The authority has several functions such as recognition of the Zoos; evaluation of the Zoos; coordination in the planned conservation breeding programme for endangered species in Indian zoos’ approval of the exchange proposals of animals between Indian zoos and between Indian and foreign zoos; preparing and maintaining the studbooks etc.

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