Cabinet Committee On Political Affairs

In the Indian system, the Prime Minister has the power to set up a cabinet committee whenever he/she feels the need. These cabinet committees are constituted to perform a specific task and give high-quality outputs within the stipulated time frame. In the context of the Indian federal structure to manage the Centre- state governments relationship a Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs(CCPA) was formed.

Functions of Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs (CCPA)
  • It is tasked to resolve conflict between the centre and state government for better governance
  • All the economic and political issues which need a wider perspective of observation and deliberation
  • Policy matters related to foreign affairs which do not have any negative effect on the internal as well as the external security of the country.
Composition of Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs (CCPA)

Under the present government, the Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs (CCPA) is headed by the prime minister and some of the cabinet ministers are its members.

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