C Babu Rajeev Committee

C. Babu Rajeev Committee was constituted by Ministry of Surface Transport to review Indian Ports Act 1908 and Major Ports Act, 1963. This Committee comprised of a Maritime Law Expert, Representatives of Maritime States, Law Ministry, D.G. Shipping, Ministry of Shipping, Ports and MD, IPA.

The Terms of Reference of the Committee were:-

a. To identify the provisions in the Statute which are no longer required due to changes in the maritime/port activities over the years

b. To identify the provisions which are in tune with the present needs of the ports to co-operate in a commercial climate and in harmony with the liberalization of the economy; and

c. To examine whether the existing statutes can be unified/simplified into a single statute. The Committee submitted its Report along with the recommendations to the Ministry in November, 1999.

Based upon the review by this committee, the draft “Indian Ports Bill , 2011” has been formulated. The new draft bill includes ISPS Code, P.P. Act, 1971, Common Recruitment Rules for Heads of the Departments of Major Ports, overriding powers of Central Govt. in respect of port limits etc. If this legislation is enacted, both the existing Indian Ports Act 1908 as well as Major Ports Act, 1963 will stand repealed.

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