Bundelkhand : Chandelas of Jejakabhukti

The ancient name of the Bundelkhand is Jejakabhukti, which corresponds to the old mahajanapada of Chedi. In medieval period, these countries had two dynasties named Chandelas and Kalachuris.

Both of them had marital relations and were constantly in touch with each other as foes or friends.

  • The Chandelas came into notice for the first time in 9th century when a Chandela called Nanuka overthrew the Parihara Chieften and established the dynasty of Chandals of Jejakabhukti.
  • This dynasty built the famous Khaujraho temples.

The first king who started construction in Khajuraho was Harsha who built the 64 Yogini Temples. The most notable prince of this dynasty was King Dhanga whose time is known for building the most beautiful Khaujraho Temples of Parsvanath and Vishwavanath.

  • His grandson Vidyadhara built the Kandariya Mahadev Temple.

Dhanga was one of the Kings who joined the Rajput Confederacy against Subuktgeen and shared the disastrous defeat in Peshawar. When Mahamud Ghaznavi threatened to overrun rest of India, his son Ganda (1002–1017) joined a new confederacy organized by Anangpala of Lahore, which again failed to check Mahmud.

In due course of time, the king of Kannauj made terms with Mahmud. Ganda attacked Kannauj and killed the king, and was in turn compelled to surrender to Mahmud. The fort of Kalinjar was surrendered to Mahmud by Ganda.

The last notable King of this dynasty was Paradidev (Parmadi) who fought Prithviraj Chauhan-III in 1182 AD. The battle was Battle of Mahoba. His generals Alha and Udal were great fighters, still sung in the folk songs of Bundelkhand. The story goes in the famous book Allah Khand or Parmal Raso.

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  • rohit

    64 yogini temples was not buit by harsha and kandariya mahadev temple was buit by king dhanga